SolarEdge Technologies Class Action Lawsuit SEDG | Deadline January 3, 2023

Announcement! Investors who bought SolarEdge Technologies (SEDG) securities between August 6, 2022, and October 19, 2022, have an opportunity to participate in a SEDG class action lawsuit (SolarEdge Technologies class action lawsuit).


The SolarEdge lawsuit alleges that the defendants made false and/or deceptive representations and/or failed to disclose the following throughout the Class Period:

(i) the designs of the power optimizers, inverters, and related parts required to create SolarEdge’s products may have been copied from Ampt LLC (“Ampt”), a rival company in the renewable energy sector;

(ii) Ampt filed a lawsuit against the company alleging that it had stolen its proprietary technology.

(iii) The claims that SolarEdge misappropriated certain patents pertaining to the design and development of the Company’s power optimizers and inverters were supported by evidence;

(iv) Due to the potential for regulatory and/or legal action, SolarEdge’s power optimizers and inverters—as well as solar energy systems that feature such products—could not be imported, marketed, or sold.

(v) substantially jeopardized SolarEdge’s ability to commercialize and make money from its solar energy systems in the US that feature power optimizers and inverters; and

(vi) Certain profits made from the selling of power optimizers and inverters may have been derived from SolarEdge’s illegal actions, including Ampt’s theft of patented inventions.

You have until January 3, 2023, if you experienced a loss in SolarEdge, to petition the court to identify you as the lead plaintiff. You are not required to act as the main plaintiff in order to take part in any recovery.

SolarEdge Technologies Class Action Lawsuit (SEDG Lawsuit)

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