PayPal Class Action Lawsuit PYPL | Deadline December 5, 2022

Good news! PYPL class action lawsuit (PayPal Class Action Lawsuit) has been filed on behalf of investors who purchased PayPal Holdings, Inc (PYPL) securities between  February 3, 2021, and February 1, 2022. For more on the PYPL Lawsuit please contact us today.


According to the PayPal Holdings lawsuit, throughout the Class Period, defendants made false and/or misleading statements and/or failed to disclose that:

(1) The defendants had generated millions of fictitious accounts that were created solely for the purpose of taking advantage of payment incentives for account creation, which had caused the defendants to inflate the Company’s crucially critical Net New Active Accounts statistic guidance.

(2) In order to conceal the Company’s true churn rate and diminishing levels of platform engagement, defendants exploited these marketing initiatives and other rewards;

(3) As a result, at all relevant times, the defendants’ optimistic claims regarding the Company’s operations, business, and prospects were either materially false and misleading or without a reasonable foundation.

You have until December 5, 2022, if you suffered a loss in the PYPL Lawsuit, to ask the court to identify you as the lead plaintiff. You are not required to act as the lead plaintiff in order to participate in any recovery.

PayPal Class Action Lawsuit (PYPL Lawsuit)

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