Outset Medical Class Action Lawsuit OM | Deadline September 6, 2022

Announcement! The OM Lawsuit is open to all investors who purchased or otherwise acquired Outset Medical Incorporated (Outset Medical Class Action Lawsuit) securities between September 15, 2020, and June 13, 2022.


The defendants allegedly made the following assertions throughout the Class Period and/or failed to disclose them, as claimed in the OM lawsuit:

(1) Tablo Hemodialysis System (“Tablo”), the company’s primary product, would need to have a new 510(k) application submitted to the FDA because defendants “continuously made modifications and updates to Tablo over time since its original clearance”;

(2) as a result, the company was unable to carry out FDA-approved human factors research on a cleared device;

(3) Due to the Company’s inability to complete the human factors study, the FDA may have placed a “shipment hold” and suspended marketing, preventing the Company from selling Tablo for home use; and

(4) As a result, at all relevant times, the defendants’ optimistic claims regarding the Company’s operations, business, and prospects were either materially false and misleading or without a reasonable foundation.

You have until September 6, 2022, if you suffered a loss in the OM Lawsuit, to ask the court to name you as the lead plaintiff. You are not required to act as the main plaintiff in order to share in any recovery.

Outset Medical Class Action Lawsuit (OM Lawsuit)

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